The Lineup 2019

Thursday July 11th

 At the Quarry

9:20pm - Black Potatoe All-Stars

8:20pm - Caren Kennedy and Friends

7:20pm - Bryan Hansen Band

7:00pm - Announcements

6:30pm - Dan Kassel

6:00pm - Joe Janci


Friday July 12th

At the Quarry 

9:20pm - Nalani & Sarina

8:20pm - Karl Dietel Five

7:30pm - Michael Patrick

7:00pm - TBA

6:30pm -Andy Dunn

6:00pm - Jay Thatcher, Steve O'Malley & Owen O'Malley


Saturday July 13th

At the Quarry

9:20pm - The Matt Angus Thing

8:20pm - Pat O'Shea

7:20pm - Pyrenesia

6:20pm - Rennie Pincus

5:20pm - Jenny and the Felines

4:20pm - Mike Montrey Band

3:20pm - Jeb Jones

2:20pm - Blues Times Two

1:30pm - Lisa and Lori Brigantino

1:00pm - Scott Hallock

12:30pm - Chelsea Carlson

12:00pm - The Collins Brothers


Sunday July 14th

At the Quarry

8:15pm - Angus & Cagno (30 years later - 23 years later)

7:20pm - Gregg Cagno

6:20pm - KC Cary

5:20pm - The Promise is Hope

4:20pm - Sharar Sisters

3:20pm -Cliff Hillis

2:20pm - Jack Tannehill

1:30pm -Susan Cattaneo

1:00pm - Helen O'Shea and the Shanakees

12:30pm - Dan Lavoie

12:00pm - PD Brody